What are the Real Differences & Does Your Law Firm Need Both in 2023?

Pay-Per-Click advertising has maintained its #1 status as a law firms’ best way to advertise online & increase clientele through Google Search or Microsoft Bing.

Grow Marketing - PPC & LSA Agency for Businesses | The Real Differences Between Local Services Ads & Pay-Per-Click Ads for Law Firms

What Are Local Service Ads for Lawyers?

Recently, Google’s Local Service Ads (LSA’s) launched as a new ad format for law firms around the country to take advantage of. This new competitive ad format presents itself in a way for potential clients to call your law firm directly; And provides a unique new “Google Screened” badge alongside of your law firm’s name.

Grow Marketing - PPC & LSA Agency for Businesses | The Real Differences Between Local Services Ads & Pay-Per-Click Ads for Law Firms

Here are some valuable points on how Local Service Ads (LSA’s) can benefit your law firm & how they are different from the traditional Pay-Per-Click Ad. If you have further questions, contact Grow Marketing today for a free consultation.

#1) Local Service Ads Show Higher Than Pay-Per-Click Ads

Local Service Ads (LSA’s) ad space will generally rank higher than any Pay-Per-Click Ads because of the Google Screened assurance for Google & its search users. This provides a new opportunity for law firms to get seen more consistently at the top of the search results page. If you’re currently only paying for Pay-Per-Click Ads, Local Service Ads is one of the best options for improving the overall search ranking and visibility.

#2) Local Service Ads Utilize a Pay-Per-Lead Model, Not a Pay-Per-Click Model

While Pay-Per-Click campaigns are heavily focused on the Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Google Local Service Ads use a pay-per-lead model instead of a pay-per-click model. That means that your ads account is only charged when someone calls or messages your firm. Calls are recorded automatically, and any spam calls or messages can be disputed for ad credits back. The Local Service Ads medium provides law firms with direct insight into what they are paying per call and what opportunities they may have to drive even more new clientele.

#3) Local Service Ads Improve ROI Transparency, But Lack Leverage

Combining a pay-per-lead model with attribution reports allows law firms to have direct insight into their digital ad spend ROI. However, Google Local Service Ads strict model halts the ability for law firms to leverage data to lower overall costs and improve campaign performance. Local Service Ads allow law firms to select which type of new client case calls they’d like to receive; However, it stops short of allowing advertisers to further benefit law firms by improving their results with little or no impact on campaign dollars spent.

#4) A High-Quality Google My Business Page is Required

For your law firm to truly harness the positive impact of Google Local Service Ads, a high-quality Google My Business page with multiple 5-star reviews in the past 30 days is required. It’s also suggested that the law firm maintains the Google My Business page regularly by means of posting, photo updates, as well as review replies & daily review requests. Because Google Local Service Ads are directly linked to your Google My Business page, you must ensure that all information is also accurate prior to launching your Local Service Ads.

#5) Getting Google Screened Requires Owner, Business, & License Verification

Unlike Pay-Per-Click ads, the Google Local Service platform requires law firms to verify their licenses as well as provide any necessary information for firm verification. While this process is quick, it can take time if not kept up with. After the verification has been approved, the law firm is responsible for consistently sending in any required documents from Google and monitoring the Google Screened approval status.

Should Your Law Firm Invest in Google Local Service Ads or Pay-Per-Click Ads in 2023?

Majority of law firms would benefit from advertising in both the Local Service & Pay-Per-Click ad space. The transparency of Local Service Ads combined with the potential leverage of Pay-Per-Click Ads will allow a law firm to generate the most visibility at the lowest possible lead cost.

Being Google Screened also provides competitive benefits. Google always wants to ensure that its search users are having the best experience possible. This means they are more willing to show a Google Screened law firm, rather than a law firm who has not undergone the Google Screening process.

Digital search consumers can expect to see Local Service Ads more often, which means your law firm should take the proper steps to take advantage of upcoming advertising mediums like Google Local Service Ads.

If you are interested in learning how Pay-Per-Click ads or Local Service Ads can help your firm generate more clients, reach out to Grow Marketing now!